ECOPILAS collaborates with distributors and shops that sell batteries providing containers and establishing the collection operation according to their needs and agreement reached, also managing their periodic withdrawal.

Distributor or seller: any natural or legal person who supplies or sells batteries or accumulators to an end user as part of a professional activity.

An important part of the management of waste batteries and accumulators is organised on the basis of the creation of networks of points for the selective collection of used batteries and accumulators.

Selective collection points: places set up by the competent public administrations or by economic operators for the holder and end user to dispose of used batteries and accumulators for their subsequent transfer to storage, treatment and recycling centres, such as battery collection containers located in urban areas, commercial establishments and clean points.

All distributors offering batteries and accumulators for sale are obliged to accept the return of used portable batteries and accumulators free of charge to their holders or end-users, and may not require them to purchase or acquire new portable batteries or accumulators.

From Ecopilas, we provide distributors and shops that sell batteries, the containers needed to manage the collection of waste, depending on their needs and agreement reached, also managing their periodic withdrawal.


The main obligations of the distributors are:

  • Accept at their points of sale the return of used batteries, free of charge for the end user.
  • Facilitate the financing of the Expanded Producer Responsibility Systems, requesting their supplier to include a separate breakdown of the amount of the contribution to the System if it deems it appropriate.
  • Inform consumers about the possibility of delivering used batteries and accumulators to their own points of sale.
  • Inform consumers that the cost of the environmental management of the product is included in the sale price of batteries or accumulators.
  • To register as a producer, when the acquisition of the batteries and accumulators takes place outside Spain.


Through ECOPILAS you will be able to manage used batteries in an appropriate way, complying with current legislation, contributing to the improvement of the environment and at zero cost for your company.

And benefit from:

  • Container catalogue: consult our container catalogue.
  • Facilitated pickup request: use one of the following channels:

902 10 34 38


Web platform (if you do not have passwords request them to info@ecopilas.es)

– processing of collection requests.
– allows consulting the status of the application.
– allows consulting your application history.
– have a delivery note of collection and management certificate.

  • Collected on demand when the container is at 80 % of its capacity.
  • Annual report of collections made.

If you are a distributor of batteries, or you use batteries in your industrial facilities, we help you to comply with the obligations established by law, on used batteries, in the most efficient, economical and convenient way.

The maintenance, replacement or dismantling activities of many commercial and industrial installations generate battery waste. This activity turns its holder into a generator of hazardous waste and, therefore, is obliged by law to take charge of the collection and correct management of this waste.

Do you want to become a COLLECTION POINT and collaborate with ECOPILAS?

Contact: info@ecopilas.es